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How to get EURe or GBPe on Gnosis Chain
How to get EURe or GBPe on Gnosis Chain
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We do not currently offer token swap functionality due to regulatory restrictions. For convenience, we provide information on bridges and markets operated by third parties through which you can:
(a) bridge tokens to Gnosis Chain from another blockchain; and
(b) acquire Supported Funds (GBPe / EURe) via a token swap transaction.
This page is for informational purposes only and does not constitute advice, or an endorsement, recommendation, or promotion of any third-party services or products.

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In this article we will see how you can get EURe or GBPe tokens on Gnosis Chain (tokens required to use your Gnosis Card). EURe and GBPe are the tokens that you send/fund your Gnosis Card Safe with and who are used when you pay with the Gnosis Card.

Update: GBPe liquidity is being improved, and will increase over the coming weeks. Currently, the best way to get GBPe would be to use Curve.

Short Summary

Depending on where your funds are, you can use different bridges & decentralised exchanges (DEXs) to get EURe or GBPe. Here is a list -


  1. Bridge and DEX Aggregators (easiest and simplest)

  2. Third party bridges:

Decentralised Exchanges (DEXs)

Important Note on contract addresses:

Be aware that getting EURe/GBPe tokens on another chain/network and sending them directly to your Gnosis Card Safe will not work and you will most likely lose your funds, you need to specifically fund your Gnosis Card Safe with EURe/GBPe tokens on Gnosis Chain.

  • EURe contract address: 0xcB444e90D8198415266c6a2724b7900fb12FC56E ; Gnosiscan

  • GBPe contract address: 0x5Cb9073902F2035222B9749F8fB0c9BFe5527108 ; Gnosiscan

You can use these contract address, for example if the token you want to get is not visible in the token list of a decentralized exchange (DEX).

Let's go deeper into the different cases that you could encounter while adding funds to your Gnosis Card account.

Case 1: You have funds on Gnosis Chain

In that case you will simply have to swap your Gnosis Chain funds to the desired token EURe or GBPe.

That can be done on any decentralized exchange (DEX), popular DEX or aggregators on Gnosis Chain are: CoW Swap, 1inch, Balancer, Defillama,....

In this case we will use CoW Swap but swapping on any of the others DEX should be very similar.

Here's an example of a swap from USDC to EURe on Gnosis Chain.

Note that if you want you can also enter your Gnosis Card Safe address in the "Recipient" field to directly receive the EURe tokens on your Gnosis Card Safe without having to send the tokens manually.

CoW Swap being an intent based DEX, it can take a few seconds up to a few minutes to fill your order, you can check the progress of your swap by clicking your wallet address on the top right corner.

​Case 2: You don't have any funds on Gnosis Chain

In this case you will have to bridge funds to Gnosis Chain. You can either use a bridge aggregator who can handle both the bridge and swapping parts or do it on your own by using a bridge and a decentralized exchange (DEX) manually. Usually using a bridge aggregator is easier and more convenient.

Also note that in the case where you would need some xDAI to pay for gas on Gnosis Chain, feel free to use the official xDai Faucet. In case the faucet fails, we can manually send you some if you ask us, for example through the chat bot on the bottom right corner of Gnosis Pay (chat icon at the bottom right of the screen).

Using a Bridge aggregator

The most popular bridge aggregator is Jumper which is able to bridge between multiple EVM chains/networks, aggregating a good number of popular bridges, from native Gnosis Chain bridges (xDAI bridge and Omnibridge, between Ethereum and Gnosis Chain), from third party bridges such as Connext or Hop. Jumper is also able to handle token swaps on the source or destination chain. Bungee is another bridge aggregator who supports Gnosis Chain even if currently it offers less optionality than Jumper.

Provided that you have funds on these networks, most often bridging from L2s such as Arbitrum/Optimism or from others "gas inexpensive" chains such as Polygon, will often be your best option if you want to avoid high gas costs involved with bridging from Ethereum L1.

In this example we are bridging ETH from Arbitrum to EURe on Gnosis Chain. Jumper is quoting different routes that we can chose from by presenting what each route will have in token return (how many EURe I will receive), in fees, in average time required... Usually Jumper recommends the best route automatically but you should always review if the solution proposed is actually good for you.

Note that Jumper also has an option to send tokens to a different wallet if you want to avoid having to send them manually to your Gnosis Card Safe. We recommend using this option only if you know how to use a Safe wallet and can transfer the tokens out of your Gnosis Card Safe in the rare case where Jumper is unable to do the last swap on Gnosis Chain and you would be left with the intermediary token.

Using a bridge and a decentralized exchange (DEX) manually

We recommend this second option only if you already have experience with decentralised finance (DeFi).

Here's a list of bridges that you can use:

Here's a list of DEX/aggregators that you can use: CoW Swap, 1inch, Balancer, Defillama,....

Case 3: If you are a Monerium customer

As an existing Monerium customer, you can do crosschain swaps on Monerium for free, sending EURe tokens from a network to another.

Monerium also offers you the option to add EURe via SEPA transfer.

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